This shape has 8 sides: 

It is an octagon. 

There is an octagon on Union Street. Can you find it?

It was designed as the point that links the three towns of
Plymouth, Stonehouse and Devonport.

It was intended to be a much fancier affair than it may be today,
what would you do with this space?

This shape is a shape of possiblity.
It tessalates, which means it easily makes a pattern.
Can you see a pattern emerging?

Take a ‘walk’ down Union Street.

Can you see unity here?

What is in harmony?

What colours, shapes or sounds? for example...

Make a note, draw a picture, take a photo, find something.

When you are walking down Union Street,

what do you feel in Union with?

What is ‘UNITY’?

Let’s explore:
The word ‘union’ comes from from the Latin unio =‘unity’ and unus =‘one’,
Union is the act or state of being joined together.

What do you need to unite with someone?

Where do you see or find harmony?

What is the point in unity?

Are you a member of anything?

What do you have in common with those around you?

Think of 8 people you agree with.

Draw them:


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‘A Pavilion For U.S.’ is a project for Plymouth Art Weekender 2020
commissioned by Visual Arts Plymouth CIC and Nudge Community Builders, with support from Arts Council England and Creative Civic Change.