A Pavilion for U.S.

(Union Street)

A Screen, a Structure, a Union

I, the screen, separate, divide and hide.
You, the street, bring together, harmonise and unionise.
I, the screen, a surface, a portal, a window.
You, the street, a network, an organism, a locality.
I, the screen, restrict and cover up.
You, the street, bring bodies out.
I, the screen, fold and unfold, revealing.
You, the street, evolve, and involve, revelling.
I, the screen, shield, defend and deflect.
You, the street, yield, yet continue and reflect.

A screen appears. It has 8 panels. It moves, up and down the street, dancing around the Octagon. It reflects, refracts and broadcasts back the street to the street. Referencing Victorian decency, more modern illicit indecencies and the current etiquette of distancing. Explore and question the notion of union through the built environment of Union Street. A temporary public artwork that is at once a site for exhibition, exchange and performance informed and embellished by local communities.

Drawing from Unity, Reimagining Union

I am William Luz, an artist from the west midlands, now I live and work in Plymouth. I am making a temporary public artwork for Union Street that will appear at the Union Street Party and Plymouth Art Weekender in September. I am using the story and built environment of Union Street to explore ideas around ‘union’. I want to include your responses in the artwork I make. There will soon be lots of different ways to do that. First let’s read...


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‘A Pavilion For U.S.’ is a project for Plymouth Art Weekender 2020
commissioned by Visual Arts Plymouth CIC and Nudge Community Builders, with support from Arts Council England and Creative Civic Change.