Artist CV


William Luz (b. 1984) is an artist working with drawing, ceramics, painting, print, and occasionally music. His works pull from a range of reference material collected over the years, which are abstracted, combined, and deconstructed to produce a personal visual history that is at once recognisable and new. Despite these transformations, his focus on colour, form, movement, and the use of unexpected materials maintain tangible connections to observation and everyday visual experience.

He is one third of Nous Vous, a group of artists & friends and is an associate lecturer on MA Illustration at London College of Communication.

Selected Exhibitions:

Abstract Waffle / Senhora Presidenta, Porto (with Nicolas Burrows)

Illustrator in Residence at House of Illustration (NV)

Risorama / Protein Studio, London, UK

Artist in Residence / Facebook HQ, California (NV)
Flim Flam Flum / KK Outlet, London (NV)

A Watery Line / The Tetley, Leeds (NV)

Insel Paradies / KRETS, Sweden (solo show)
Thought... Process / Good Press Gallery, Glasgow (with Malin Gabriella Nordin)
Chubby Stumps / 38b, London (NV)
Transatlantic Texas / Big Medium at Bolm, Texas (group show)
New Abstract / Print House Gallery, London (group show)

Now or Ever / Ter delift, Belgium (NV)
Primaries / Yes, Cincinnati OH (group show)

Loop Arts / Marshalls Mill, Leeds (NV)
Colossal Tomb! / Dama Aflita, Porto (NV)
Pick Me Up / Somerset House, London (NV)
The Joy of Living / Somerset House, London (NV)

Turn Up The Colour / Analogue Books, Edinburgh (group show)
Pick Me Up / Somerset House, London (NV)
Awesome Movement / Fantastic Motion /
Harewood House, Leeds (NV)
Rotate / Contemporary Art Society, London (NV)

Massive Contact / Square Yard, Newcastle (NV)
Heavy Bones / Analogue Books, Edinburgh (NV)
Morphic Resonance / PSL, Leeds (NV)
Big Fire / Jaguar Shoes, London (NV)

Magic Hole / Out Of The Woods, Leeds (NV)
Hot Sausage / Rhysandhannahpresent, Bristol (NV)